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About Us

About TradeWidME

At TradeWidME , we have the vision to provide an environment that improves your lifestyle by providing world class Products and an amazing platform to make a difference in society be joining our emerging Marketing environment. At TradeWidME We Believe in a different Market approach, we believe in the growing opportunity in the Business to Customer (B2C) market and the all new digital approach in this market. With more than 150 products that were growing every day, we try to achieve a totally new way of healthcare. Not by providing you the way to find the treatment but by curing that problem in the day to day life. "Our products were World Class standard" this is what we say but "the products are what we need" these are the words of our customers. We keep on working to improve the Customers satisfaction and experience.

We TradeWidME were the leading Direct Sale Marketing Company focusing of the Digital marketing trends and Online Market approach. With every new day we improve our excellence and serve with the same commitment of the End User satisfaction. With every product or services we provide to our client we works to provide our best.


In today's business environment companies need to frequently reinvent themselves. At Shine India, we take an approach that helps the clients "imagine and achieve" healthy lifestyle. Through our totally digital marketing program, we directly reach to our customers and clients to invent, develop and deliver world class product for our customers and improve their lifestyle.